Definition of altar call in English:

altar call


  • A summons to the altar at a Christian worship service to those wishing to show their commitment.

    ‘I never responded to an altar call, or if my pastor gave an altar call, I didn't think it applied to me’
    • ‘Their deep voices reverberate straight to the soul - they could propel many a sinner down the altar call aisle.’
    • ‘When someone comes forward for the altar call, they are always accompanied by friends or ‘welcome group members’ who kneel with them on the floor and pray with them.’
    • ‘And I felt very moved at that meeting, I think I was about 14 at the time, and went forward at that meeting at the kind of altar call at the end to make a sort of public declaration to Christ.’
    • ‘They've already stopped the practice of altar calls in concert, and they're toning down overt references to the Lord.’
    • ‘Even more surprising, the films on exhibit were not about conversions or altar calls, and there was nary a rapture film to be seen.’