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  • The action or process of altering or being altered.

    ‘alterations had to be made’
    • ‘timetables are subject to alteration without notice’
    • ‘The only major alteration was the transformation of a poky shower room and toilet into an elegant pampering place.’
    • ‘Is it even remotely possible that there will be a grand macro change without significant micro alteration here?’
    • ‘Jung accepted that this course is never intractably fixed; it may at any time be subject to alteration.’
    • ‘This alteration can cause significant changes in porosity and permeability.’
    • ‘His method was exacting, allowing no possibility of alteration or modification.’
    • ‘The alteration is the latest in a series of changes affecting Westhoughton.’
    • ‘The matter can be referred back to the executive committee, to the full council or it can be passed without alteration.’
    • ‘Very many words were written on the possible reasons for this alteration, but I didn't read them.’
    • ‘Here was a chance to find out why we as a nation seem particularly keen on chemical mood alteration.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, commuters in Strawberry Hill are rather upset by this alteration.’
    • ‘Traffic flow in Kendal could be set for another alteration in an effort to improve safety on a busy stretch of road.’
    • ‘Afterwards almost any alteration to the image can be made, such as hairstyle or eye colour.’
    • ‘The scientists concerned with this recoloration of our sea say that the apparent alteration is down to climate change.’
    • ‘The alteration to or imitation of older styles was not limited to the 19th century.’
    • ‘Certainly there has been no fundamental alteration in the basic law.’
    • ‘This alteration is thought to be mostly the result of the immune response to the virus.’
    • ‘Mineral grains are typically fractured and show dark alteration along grain boundaries and fractures.’
    • ‘Loops are readily formed without substantial alteration of the loop forming material.’
    • ‘There was little alteration in the design of the silver penny in the two centuries following the Norman Conquest.’
    • ‘The fact that no objections were received to the proposed Local Plan alteration adds further weight to this view.’
    change, adjustment, adaptation, modification, variation, conversion, revision, amendment
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/ˌôltəˈrāSHən/ /ˌɔltəˈreɪʃən/


Late Middle English from Old French, or from late Latin alteratio(n-), from the verb alterare (see alter).