Definition of altercate in English:


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intransitive verb

[no object] archaic
  • Dispute or argue noisily and publicly.

    ‘Not satisfied with the elected councilors squabbling among themselves they altercate like belligerent magpies over over who gets to peck the bottletop, and lick the cream of the milk.’
    • ‘First Sohail played a reckless stroke against Venkatesh Prasad - perhaps due to a rush of blood after altercating with him.’
    • ‘The lace barely covers her upper leg as the female mages continue to altercate with her that it must be shorter.’
    argue, quarrel, row, have a row, bicker, squabble, have words, debate, disagree, have a disagreement, have an altercation, be at odds, bandy words



/ˈôltərˌkāt/ /ˈɔltərˌkeɪt/


Mid 16th century from Latin altercat- ‘wrangled’, from altercari.