Definition of alternative rock in English:

alternative rock


  • A style of rock music characterized as unconventional or outside the mainstream.

    ‘the disaffection of grunge and alternative rock resonated powerfully with a generation weathering an economic recession’
    • ‘Though their fame faded when "alternative rock" became synonymous with "grunge," nerds still love 'em silly.’
    • ‘Straddling the worlds of alternative rock and serious art, Waits assiduously avoids compromise.’
    • ‘This absurd selection of tracks appears to highlight some elements of this journey, with elements of punk, alternative rock or film music audaciously thrown in together.’
    • ‘They played basic alternative rock and were able to kick it hard and mellow things down easily.’
    • ‘Alternative rock was literally dying on the vine, when along came this haunting beautiful eulogy that captured America's world-weary spirit and the Seattle sound.’
    • ‘The band are aiming at spiritual uplift, at finding common ground between pop music, alternative rock and religious devotional.’
    • ‘Few could have predicted that the band would become one of alternative rock's most bankable hitmakers.’
    • ‘For better or worse, they were largely responsible for alternative rock as we know it.’
    • ‘Their eponymous debut, as far back as 1996, was a classic slice of US-based alternative rock.’
    • ‘Rap has heavily influenced the current state of alternative rock and of music at large.’