Definition of althorn in English:



  • A musical instrument of the saxhorn family, especially the alto or tenor saxhorn in E flat.

    ‘Many althorn players in the United States are often players whose chief instrument was not originally the althorn.’
    • ‘The timbre of the althorns and waldhorns is quite different.’
    • ‘After dark the Italian Hall was lighted by sconces in the shape of althorns adorned with ribbons, and by a chandelier of unusual design.’
    • ‘Our compound consists of trumpets/cornets, percussion-instruments, saxophones, a few trombones, althorns, one clarinet, euphoniums/barytons and some tubas.’
    • ‘Heard on the fundamentally different, narrow-bored period cornets, althorn, saxhorn etc (all the Wallace Collection's early instruments are described in detail for cognoscenti) they come up fresh and lucid.’



/ˈaltôrn/ /ˈæltɔrn/


Mid 19th century from German, from alt ‘high’ (from Latin altus) + Horn ‘horn’.