Definition of altimetric in English:



See altimetry

‘Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to be certain of the topography across areas seen in the SAR images, because Cassini cannot acquire SAR images and altimetric measurements simultaneously.’
  • ‘Therefore we are confident that a blend of both tide gage and altimetric data offers the best solution.’
  • ‘A correlation technique was developed for estimating subsurface temperature from altimetric data.’
  • ‘A mathematical model for the prediction of potential altimetric stream network evolution due to erosion and sedimentation processes is here formalized.’
  • ‘Our follow-up investigations will focus on predictions of altimetry texture based on upward continuation of 2 - D abyssal hill morphology and realistic renderings of altimetric noise.’



/altəˈmetrik/ /æltəˈmɛtrɪk/