Definition of altocumulus in English:


nounplural noun altocumuli/-ˌlī/

  • Cloud forming a layer of rounded masses with a level base, occurring at medium altitude, usually 6,500–23,000 feet (2–7 km)

    ‘a layer of altocumulus’
    • ‘altocumuli moved across the sky’
    • ‘No altocumulus cloud anywhere in Earth's real atmosphere would be caught dead above 20,000 feet.’
    • ‘By the time we had a task and were ready to rock the wind had backed off to only 10 km/h, and with the sun being blocked from wide spread altocumulus clouds conditions suddenly were barely soarable.’
    • ‘It is caused by light shining through thin altocumulus, which causes the light to bend as it passes through the water droplets within the cloud.’
    • ‘It is called altocumulus lenticularis - a lens-shaped cloud which people in New Zealand call hogs' backs.’
    • ‘The sun was just beginning to set in the distance, casting a hazy, pink glow over everything in sight as the altocumulus clouds slowly turned a soft orange.’



/ˌaltōˈkyo͞omyələs/ /ˌæltoʊˈkjumjələs/


Late 19th century from modern Latin alto- (from Latin altus ‘high’) + cumulus.