Definition of am-dram in English:



  • treated as singular or plural Amateur dramatics.

    • ‘a performance poised somewhere between slapstick and below-average am-dram’
    • ‘Her life revolves around her dogs, the local am-dram society, the church, bell-ringing and village gossip.’
    • ‘I think this, not sets or production values, highlights that ultimate difference between am-dram and proper productions.’
    • ‘He got involved in am-dram, but at 27 he decided that he either wanted to be a social worker or an actor.’
    • ‘At that point I decided to use my am-dram skills.’
    • ‘For Dorothy Clark is the true grand old dame of the am-dram world.’



/ˈam ˌdram/ /ˈæm ˌdræm/