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  • 1A mixture or blend.

    ‘a curious amalgam of the traditional and the modern’
    • ‘More than 50 years ago, writer Carey Williams described LA as ‘a curious amalgam of all America’.’
    • ‘In fact, what we're getting on November 30 is a curious amalgam of the reactionary and the progressive.’
    • ‘A curious amalgam of straight history and political pamphlet, it was relatively little read in antiquity, and its modern status has declined in recent years.’
    • ‘This intriguing and maddening novel is a curious amalgam of detective mystery, period romance, and fictional memoir.’
    • ‘Devised in Norway, this is an amalgam of traditional approaches and Western psychology, with no religious bias.’
    • ‘Be it in the form of a cultural amalgam or fusion of art forms, innovations have striking features.’
    • ‘The old regime state was therefore an uneasy amalgam of traditional and more modern forms of administration which were frequently in competition with one another.’
    • ‘Today Libya is an amalgam of modernity and tradition.’
    • ‘Stretton's outlook, a distinctive blend of the egalitarian and the patrician, is an amalgam of several influences, especially his family and his education.’
    • ‘McKenzie paints landscapes that are part reality, part fantasy, amalgams of Australian and European places that get squeezed together in the artist's imagination.’
    • ‘Of course it's true that American culture is an amalgam.’
    • ‘It is always interesting asking people about their parents, but rarely does someone come across as such a perfect amalgam of their mother and father as Short.’
    • ‘At the velodrome on Dalgety Road, an amalgam of juniors and masters gathered from throughout the nation to attend the National Track titles.’
    • ‘The show, to be held at Talkatora Stadium, will see an amalgam of rich Indian heritage and contemporary art put together to entertain the public.’
    • ‘Though we have been part of a glorious culture, which is an amalgam of arts and science, we are not conscious of the therapeutic values of applied arts.’
    • ‘It is as well an intriguing amalgam of the old and new.’
    • ‘It's a perfect amalgam of pleasurable celebration and cool-headed analysis.’
    • ‘His homily was an amalgam of humour, wisdom, and Gospel values.’
    • ‘The amalgam of American idealism and rags-to-riches dreams is irresistible.’
    • ‘This is an amalgam of various actions and not a specific action.’
    combination, union, merger, blend, mixture, mingling, compound, fusion, marriage, weave, coalescence, synthesis, composite, composition, concoction, amalgamation
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    1. 1.1Chemistry An alloy of mercury with another metal, especially one used for dental fillings.
      as modifier ‘amalgam fillings’
      • ‘Another use of silver alloys is in dental amalgams.’
      • ‘Depending upon the decorative nature of his work, he may also have known how to gild metals with an amalgam of mercury and gold.’
      • ‘Very small amounts of mercury collect in our bodies from a number of sources including the environment, our food and our amalgam fillings.’
      • ‘It is no longer necessary to cut large cavities for amalgam fillings.’
      • ‘But it's clear that if it is to survive, dentists want the time to do more than 10-minute amalgams and 30-minute crowns.’



/əˈmalɡəm/ /əˈmælɡəm/


Late 15th century from French amalgame or medieval Latin amalgama, from Greek malagma ‘an emollient’.