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  • A bulbous plant with white, pink, or red flowers and strap-shaped leaves, of the type genus of the amaryllis family, Amaryllidaceae.

    A South African plant (Amaryllis belladonna, also called
    belladonna lily
    ), and (popularly) a tropical South American plant that is frequently grown as a houseplant (hybrids of the genus Hippeastrum, formerly Amaryllis)

    ‘I also dug the amaryllis, which I plant out each summer after their winter show.’
    • ‘The two easiest bulbs to force are paper-white narcissus and amaryllis.’
    • ‘Cheryl Howie of Iowa keeps her amaryllis standing straight with a unique plant stake she made out of a Frisbee and a few wooden dowels.’
    • ‘Fertilize amaryllis regularly during the growth cycle starting one month after planting (when active growth is underway).’
    • ‘Many amaryllis bulbs sold in autumn are (botanically speaking) hippeastrum bulbs.’
    • ‘Butterfly amaryllis and other species do not require a dormancy period.’
    • ‘The amaryllis is ideal for people who have little time or inclination to spend on high-maintenance flowers and plants.’
    • ‘Potted amaryllis that flowered at Christmas may bloom again the following holiday season if you take a few steps to program the flowering.’
    • ‘Many southern gardens don't have tulips, forsythia or daffodils, but instead have guava, pineapple and amaryllis.’
    • ‘Plant amaryllis bulbs in containers early this month for Thanksgiving bloom or in late October for Christmas bloom.’
    • ‘Dasan took his time to makes memorials for all his people, 500 crosses with an amaryllis flower tied to it.’
    • ‘Potted amaryllis bulbs top-dressed with moss make welcome gifts.’
    • ‘Combine the pleasures of both with holiday red amaryllis and pristine white tulips and fragrant hyacinths.’
    • ‘Saillen said he is struck by the beauty of strong, vibrant flowers, like amaryllis, banana flowers and birds of paradise.’
    • ‘Some bulbs, such as amaryllis and paperwhites, can readily be brought into flower in time for the winter holidays if you start about five or six weeks in advance.’
    • ‘The plant is another South African native and is related to amaryllis.’
    • ‘For my home, I would just go for something simple, like a nice vase of tulips or amaryllis.’
    • ‘The large-flowered amaryllis we're used to seeing at this time of year carry huge blossoms - 8 and even 10 inches across.’
    • ‘For amaryllis, allow the bulbs to dry out from mid-August through mid-November, then water and feed to promote bloom.’
    • ‘Take time for some indoor gardening activities with your children, such as preparing your favorite amaryllis bulbs - kids will marvel at how quickly the plants develop.’



/ˌaməˈriləs/ /ˌæməˈrɪləs/


Modern Latin, from Latin Amaryllis (from Greek Amarullis), a name for a country girl in pastoral poetry.