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  • Unskillful; inept.

    ‘the editing is choppy and amateurish’
    • ‘amateurish actors’
    • ‘McBride ran a pretty amateurish campaign, and it showed.’
    • ‘While one can dismiss much work at a glance as amateurish or badly crafted, that is not the case for this mark.’
    • ‘But if special insight is far beyond my ability, amateurish speculation based on a questionable assumption is not.’
    • ‘In both cases, the process is entertainingly amateurish, at least from a branding professional's perspective.’
    • ‘This may explain why Ricci gives a thin, amateurish performance.’
    • ‘The writing is mostly amateurish, aimed at times to young kids.’
    • ‘And the thing that strikes me is how amateurish the whole thing seems.’
    • ‘I think it's a good sign that there is so much amateurish material.’
    • ‘It was very amateurish and very unprofessional and very disturbing.’
    • ‘Why did these highly paid professionals make such amateurish mistakes?’
    • ‘Ryan's ads were laughed at as amateurish, but they apparently worked.’
    • ‘The cheesy production values, the low-budget special effects, and the amateurish level of some of the acting alienated me at first.’
    • ‘If the answer to both questions is in the negative, then tell him that jiggling in time to the music is amateurish and jiggling out of time with the music distracting.’
    • ‘Here, playing a priest who has lost his faith, he comes off as amateurish and unlikable, a second rate character that is not very funny.’
    • ‘Rather, I'll mention the fact that the movie has a certain amateurish charm to it that's hard to deny, but it hardly bears more than one or two views.’
    • ‘For all her brother's enthusiasm, she imagined that the end product would be three amateurish pop songs, all with the same four basic chords.’
    • ‘It's a very strong picture, albeit it a little amateurish.’
    • ‘They looked amateurish, all huddled together for security.’
    • ‘In truth, we were quite amateurish, though we tried not to be; revolutions are seldom started by professionals and experts.’
    • ‘His actual art, particularly his paintings, is often amateurish; his visual skills could not match his ambition.’
    incompetent, inept, useless, unskilful, inexpert, amateur, clumsy, maladroit, gauche, blundering, bungling, bumbling, botched, crude
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/ˈamədəriSH/ /ˈæmədərɪʃ/ /ˌaməˈt(y)o͝oriSH/ /ˌæməˈt(j)ʊrɪʃ/ /aməˈCHo͝oriSH/ /æməˈtʃʊrɪʃ/