Definition of ambiophony in English:



  • 1 rare, historical A method of augmenting the acoustics of a room by using a large number of loudspeakers to mimic the reverberative properties of a room of different size or construction. Frequently as a modifier.

    In ambiophony, the sound of the performance is relayed through each speaker with a delay and intensity precisely calculated so that the overall effect is an approximation of the diffuse sound that would be experienced in a larger room.

  • 2 rare A method for producing a surround sound effect using a regular stereo signal, in which ambient sounds and those resulting from the acoustics of the rooms (which are recorded out of phase on the left and right channels) are played through two additional side speakers.



/ˌambɪˈɒfəni/ /ˌambɪˈɒf(ə)ni/


1950s; earliest use found in Philips Technical Review. From ambi- + -o- + -phony, after stereophony.