Definition of amblypod in English:


Pronunciation /ˈamblɪpɒd/


  • Any of various primitive hoofed mammals of the early Tertiary, typically having a heavy body, massive limbs, and stumpy feet, constituting the former order Amblypoda.

    This order is now regarded as polyphyletic and its members are divided among the orders Pantodonta, Dinocerata, and ‘Condylarthra’.


Late 19th century; earliest use found in Edward Cope (1840–1897). From scientific Latin Amblypoda, former order name (E. D. CopeSyst. Catal. Vertebrata Eocene New Mexico (U.S. Army Engin. Dept.: Geogr. Explorations & Surveys) 28) from ancient Greek ἀμβλύς blunt + ποδ-, πούς foot + scientific Latin -a.