Definition of Amerindian in English:


(also Amerind)


  • A member of one of the indigenous peoples of the Americas (used chiefly in anthropological and linguistic contexts).

    • ‘We wander around the hotel looking at the huge ice sculptures: fish, bears, Amerindians, Inuits in kayaks, and even the Statue of Liberty.’
    • ‘St Lucia's customs are a blend of the African, Amerindian, East Indian and European.’
    • ‘Tribal people like the Aborigines, Amerindians and Bushmen are the heirs to all the richness and diversity of the natural world.’
    • ‘In this political formation, the effort was to develop a multi racial alliance of Africans, Indians, Amerindians and all those who were interested in social justice.’
    • ‘In the Amazon, native Amerindians wear face paint and traditional tunics.’


  • Of or relating to the indigenous peoples of the Americas.


Late 19th century blend of American and Indian.