Definition of amiably in English:



  • In a friendly and pleasant manner.

    ‘soon everyone was chatting amiably’
    • ‘His forthright, amiably assertive manner perhaps appealed to some readers.’
    • ‘She amiably offered a smile in return, which pleasantly surprised him.’
    • ‘They sit amiably in front of a coffee table made from a knee-high stack of animation cels.’
    • ‘He amiably volunteered to make an appointment for me with the minister.’
    • ‘She was kissing his face amiably as if he were her savior, taking her away from her disappearing world.’
    • ‘His movie is like a cork bobbing amiably on waves of lightness and unforced gaiety.’
    • ‘The two then parted ways amiably.’
    • ‘We were able to get along amiably throughout the entire trial, down to the last closing argument.’
    • ‘This character's role is merely to grin amiably, like the servants in old Hollywood films.’
    • ‘We were talking so amiably that I found myself enjoying being with you as I never had before.’