Definition of amirite in English:



(also amiright)
informal US
  • Am I right? (used to invite confirmation or assert that one's previous statement is correct)

    • ‘not much point to it now, amirite?’
    • ‘none of us saw that coming either, amiright?’
    • ‘What I think it's about: Family and religion, amirite?!’
    • ‘Ladies, it's hard to find a good man out there, amirite?’
    • ‘The price of shoes today, amirite?’
    • ‘What an amazing idea for a music video, amiright?!’
    • ‘There are many reasons to love the show (there's nothing better than a good cry, amiright?).’
    • ‘Just sayin' amiright whoa, sorry, you got me going with the schoolgirl cliches.’
    • ‘What woman doesn't love to shed a few pounds without any effort, amirite ladies?’
    • ‘Well yeah until next year amirite this is not relevant to your interests.’
    • ‘Hopefully he's in good enough shape to perfect his diving routine for the playoffs, AMIRITE guys?’
    • ‘He was the real victim there, amirite?’



/ˌamīˈrīt/ /ˌæmaɪˈraɪt/