Definition of ammoniation in English:


Pronunciation /əˌmōnēˈāSHən/


See ammoniated

‘Effect of ammoniation on the composition, retention and conservation of sugar cane bagasse and tops.’
  • ‘Because wheat straw is expensive relative to its feeding value, ammoniation of straw is usually not economical.’
  • ‘If you're short of forage and wheat straw is available, give ammoniation a try.’
  • ‘Relative to the 3% level, ammoniation at 5% resulted in a marginal improvement in the nutritive value of oat hulls.’
  • ‘No.4,068,026 a process in which the impregnated fabric is first well dried, then aerated, treated by diffusion with gaseous ammonia, wetted with water and then re-ammoniated by diffusion; preferably the two ammoniations and wetting all occur in the same enclosed chamber.’