Definition of amoretto in English:


nounplural noun amoretti/-ˈretē/

  • A representation of Cupid in a work of art.

    ‘The shameless cocotte Venus, wheedling her husband Vulcan for armour for Aeneas, her son by Anchises, disrobes aided by a passing amoretto and Vulcan himself in Vulcan and Venus.’
    • ‘With curious looks a pair of tiny-winged amoretti press back the overspill of grapes from the basket they have brought Erigone.’
    • ‘In it Venus appears seated on a couch, with her lower limbs covered and her left hand upon her breast, looking into a mirror held up by an amoretto, while another amoretto is reaching up to crown her with a wreath of flowers.’
    • ‘On the back side of the casing, enamel painting shows a girl and an amoretto incorporated into a landscape.’
    • ‘At the bottom two amoretti support a vase.’



/ˌaməˈredō/ /ˌæməˈrɛdoʊ/


Italian, diminutive of amore ‘love’, from Latin amor.