Definition of amphibolite in English:



  • A granular metamorphic rock consisting mainly of hornblende and plagioclase.

    ‘It contains a variety of lithologies including augen gneiss, quartzite, amphibolite, calc-silicate, pelite and marble.’
    • ‘The prominent basement rocks of the Brumado area are Precambrian in age and consist dominantly of gneisses, schists, and amphibolite.’
    • ‘A uniform, regionally concordant layer of amphibolite with occasional ultramafic pods, termed the Sta Amphibolite, overlies the Sta Series.’
    • ‘Field observations show that the gabbroperidotite section had already cooled to amphibolite - to greenschist-facies conditions when the dykes intruded.’
    • ‘It grades into a manganese-rich ilmenite that ultimately replaces the spinel phase near the transition to the garnet amphibolite.’



/amˈ(p)fibəˌlīt/ /æmˈ(p)fɪbəˌlaɪt/