Definition of amphimixis in English:



mass nounBotany
  • Sexual reproduction involving the fusion of two different gametes to form a zygote.

    • ‘Our findings indicate that in general haplodiploidy and automixis should be more successful than amphimixis or apomixis.’
    • ‘A great diversity of reproductive mechanisms occur among nematodes, including amphimixis, automictic hermaphroditisim, and parthenogenesis.’
    • ‘Facultative amphimixis is the equivalent of the mechanism described under meiotic parthenogenesis.’
    • ‘When I speak of sexual reproduction in this essay, I mean anisogamous amphimixis.’
    • ‘‘Fertilization is an amphimixis,’ he exclaimed, ‘a mixing or fusing of the properties of the two parental generators.’’


Late 19th century from amphi- + Greek mixis ‘mingling’.