Definition of amphipod in English:



  • A crustacean of the chiefly marine order Amphipoda.

    ‘In addition to fish, Pterois volitans feed on invertebrates such as amphipods, isopods, and other crustaceans.’
    • ‘For example, crickets infected with bacteria, Drosophila infested with mites, and amphipods harboring trematodes all increase reproductive activity.’
    • ‘Isopods and amphipods spend low tide buried in wrack, where variation in temperature and humidity is strongly damped relative to the exposed intertidal surface.’
    • ‘Several clam species were observed on the sandier flats, and small crabs, amphipods, and isopods were available on the marsh surface.’
    • ‘Roswell springsnail, Koster's tryonia and Pecos assiminea are small aquatic snails, while the Noel's amphipod is a freshwater shrimp.’



/ˈam(p)fəˌpäd/ /ˈæm(p)fəˌpɑd/