Definition of amylopectin in English:



  • The noncrystallizable form of starch, consisting of branched polysaccharide chains.

    ‘The two major components of starch are amylose and amylopectin.’
    • ‘Inulin is a soluble carbohydrate of much lower molecular weight than either amylose or amylopectin.’
    • ‘About three-quarters of the total, depending on the source of the starch, is in the form of amylopectin; this consists of short, interconnected chains making up a many-branched mass comprising thousands of sugar units.’
    • ‘More specifically, they have a chemical component known as amylopectin, a naturally occurring polymer.’
    • ‘Long-grain Asian sticky rice is sticky for the same reason as risotto rice: amylopectin.’



/ˌaməlōˈpektin/ /ˌæməloʊˈpɛktɪn/