Definition of anabiosis in English:



mass nounZoology
  • A temporary state of suspended animation or greatly reduced metabolism.

    • ‘CAM also occurs in some resurrection plants that are desiccation-tolerant and can shift between biosis and anabiosis as they dry out and are rewatered, respectively.’
    • ‘His photographs show that during anabiosis membranes contract in intricate folds within the shrunken cell.’
    • ‘He said three types of life forms are found in permafrost: active ones that eke out a living, forms in suspended anabiosis until things get better, and the ones that simply gave up and died.’
    • ‘Drawing from the results of the experiments, the researchers came up with a theory of anabiosis for large living organisms.’
    • ‘Although the dry acid sand environment of S. longitunae is periodically moistened by natural rainfall, the animal appears to resist revival from anabiosis even after up to five days of rainfall.’


Late 19th century from Greek anabiōsis, from anabioein ‘return to life’.