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  • 1Belonging to a period other than that being portrayed.

    ‘'Titus' benefits from the effective use of anachronistic elements like cars and loudspeakers’
    • ‘Blatantly anachronistic dialogue, lines like "You should get out more," serve to cheapen the film.’
    • ‘This use of the anachronistic was further employed in his bold adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest.’
    • ‘Hopefully, the new version will be rousing and won't feature too much anachronistic material (such as a kick-ass Guinevere).’
    • ‘This movie brings a cheerfully anachronistic spin to the centuries-old traditions of knights engaging in combat for glory, honor, and a lady or two.’
    • ‘A futuristic laser gun could have been used as an appropriate prop, so why would this anachronistic weapon have been used instead?’
    • ‘This needed to be done without infusing the story with anachronistic music and hip lingo.’
    • ‘We will have to ignore the anachronistic contemporary references.’
    • ‘Modern dress also looks anachronistic in a world where respectability is a prime virtue and cuckoldry a social stigma.’
    • ‘Slow scene changes, line fluffs, and anachronistic props appear occasionally.’
    • ‘Perhaps this contributes to the movie's failure—thanks to inauthentic, anachronistic dialogue—to convey 1973 as a living, breathing era.’
    1. 1.1Belonging or appropriate to an earlier period, especially so as to seem conspicuously old-fashioned.
      ‘she is rebelling against the anachronistic morality of her parents’
      • ‘After the voting age was lowered to 18 in 1971, it seemed anachronistic for colleges to treat their students as wards.’
      • ‘The sixth edition was admittedly sometimes quaint or anachronistic.’
      • ‘He claimed that I must be the last person in the legal academy who clings to this anachronistic view.’
      • ‘Smith is not the first to remark on the sometimes inconsistent and anachronistic nature of legal discourse and practice.’
      • ‘Although this all sounds quite anachronistic, are changes in technology breathing new life into these types of disputes?’
      • ‘Suddenly the anachronistic concept of the suit (jacket, trousers, vest, tie) is showing signs of change.’
      • ‘Organized labor is widely disparaged as a weak and anachronistic force in American life.’
      • ‘Technology killed copyright, and copyright is anachronistic in networked culture.’
      • ‘He apparently is smart enough to know an anachronistic and politically inaccurate comparison when he sees one.’
      • ‘It has since changed its name but, clinging to the same anachronistic anthropology, it now promotes itself as a movement "for tribal peoples."’



/əˌnakrəˈnistik/ /əˌnækrəˈnɪstɪk/