Definition of anaglyph in English:



  • 1Photography
    A stereoscopic photograph with the two images superimposed and printed in different colors, producing a stereo effect when the photograph is viewed through correspondingly colored filters.

    ‘What the scientists can do - and have done - is unite the in-focus elements of each picture in the series and create anaglyphs that present a three-dimensional view of the outcrop and the terrain of the crater floor.’
    • ‘It's interesting to compare the latter images with Earth's Grand Canyon; see NASA's Visible Earth or this anaglyph (or, if you prefer, this ordinary stereogram) from the Eagle Eye Maps Experiments Page.’
    • ‘These anaglyphs of Nirgal Valles and Maja Valles make it perfectly clear we're seeing deep flat-bottomed canyons with dune systems of some sort.’
    • ‘It may not be by name, but more people are likely familiar with anaglyphs than any other form of 3D images.’
    • ‘In order to make an anaglyph you need two slightly off-set images.’
  • 2An object, such as a cameo, embossed or carved in low relief.

    ‘It maintains traces of old murals and anaglyphs of early Christian symbols.’
    • ‘Above, the king, protected by Isis, makes the offering of his anaglyph to Khonsu, who now wears the feathers that are more characteristic of Montu.’



/ˈanəˌɡlif/ /ˈænəˌɡlɪf/


Late 16th century (in anaglyph (sense 2)): from Greek anagluphē, from ana- ‘up’ + gluphē (from gluphein ‘carve’). anaglyph (sense 1) dates from the late 19th century.