Definition of analysand in English:



  • A person undergoing psychoanalysis.

    ‘First it is a communication between psychoanalysts, analysands and supervisees.’
    • ‘That is perfectly acceptable, but then it is important that you consciously state what you think an analysand comes to a psychoanalyst for and what you think the function of a psychoanalyst is, because based on that all-else follows.’
    • ‘The most demanding part of a Jungian analysis occurs when the analysand (the person undergoing analysis) begins to confront his own shadow.’
    • ‘The analysand can break free of the pattern of repetition only through reproducing or reenacting the trauma as opposed to simply repeating it; the analysand must reexperience the trauma and its concomitant anxiety.’



/əˈnaləˌsand/ /əˈnæləˌsænd/