Definition of analytic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌanəˈlidik/ /ˌænəˈlɪdɪk/

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another term for analytical
‘And on some crucial questions Allen suffers from analytic myopia.’
  • ‘Newbigin looked at the West with a missionary's eye and asked a missionary's analytic questions.’
  • ‘The prospect of a second war on Iraq raises a large number of questions, analytic and political.’
  • ‘However, mathematicians began to demand more rigour with the growing interest in analytic investigation.’
  • ‘Through this analytic process the investigators were able to obtain a rich account of each event category and how each contributed to the respondents' perception of clinical confidence.’
  • ‘To address these analytic questions, arithmetic means, medians, and modes were computed for each rated question to determine relationships and effects.’
  • ‘As an example of the former, Wiseman applies his wonderfully analytic mind to question specific prior efforts to criticize the conclusions of the Feilding Report.’
  • ‘An exploratory data analytic approach was adopted with 14-17 independent variables selected for each analysis.’
  • ‘Participants provided information about their specimen collection, processing, and analytic practices in a questionnaire.’
  • ‘Donald Worster, on the other hand, provides an analytic reinterpretation of explorer John Wesley Powell as a neglected visionary.’
  • ‘To examine and simplify interpretation of correlational matrices, investigators commonly use factor analytic procedures.’
  • ‘The analytic tendency investigates works from the past in order to find possibilities that often exceed those their authors had anticipated.’
  • ‘Future analytic events will further investigate other issues and conceivably merit additional changes to the IBCT design.’
  • ‘In a sense it therefore freezes the ‘I’ of analytic investigation.’
  • ‘Participant responses to questions regarding their analytic and reporting practices are shown in Table 2.’
  • ‘Many search-engine sites offer free analytic tools of their own.’
  • ‘One benefit from these groups is the opportunity to formulate, through talk, one's research questions and analytic strategies.’
  • ‘Smith's interest in analytic anthropology, however, melded with his ingrained faith in metaphysics.’
  • ‘A dimensionless form of the analytic model permits exploration of the parameters that control rolling.’
  • ‘These include cluster analytic investigations carried out in Florida, The Netherlands, and Finland.’


Early 17th century via Latin from Greek analutikos, from analuein ‘unloose’.