Definition of anandamide in English:



  • A naturally occurring arachidonic acid derivative, present in some foods and in mammalian brains, where it acts as a messenger molecule and plays a role in pain, depression, appetite, memory, and fertility.

    ‘And as evidenced by his animal research, reported in the advance online publication of the January issue of Nature Medicine, the result is higher brain levels of anandamide, which in turn ease anxiety in rats.’
    • ‘Nature reports that anandamide, a naturally occurring neurotransmitter, may control coughing and various respiratory functions.’
    • ‘Chocolate also contains anandamide, which has the same effect on the brain as marijuana.’
    • ‘In guinea pig airways, anandamide stimulates sensory nerves by inducing depolarization.’
    • ‘The discovery of these receptors has also led to the finding of endogenous cannabinoids, such as anandamide.’



/əˈnandəˌmīd/ /əˈnændəˌmaɪd/