Definition of anarch in English:


Pronunciation /ˈanärk/ /ˈænɑrk/

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  • An anarchist.

    ‘she triumphed as a carnivalesque anarch, transforming defeat into publicity’
    • ‘Conversely, any anarchs who want to include something on this page mail me and I will post it.’
    • ‘When they choose to get involved, though, it is almost always on the side of the anarchs instead of the princes.’
    • ‘The following information is not common knowledge among anarchs nor is it meant to represent what really happened.’
    • ‘The anarchs have status because they are noticed and respected for what little power they have achieved.’
    • ‘Tonight's anarchs, while not the most organized of groups have purpose.’


  • Anarchic.

    ‘a beauty so anarch, so ungelded’
    • ‘If this vampire is anarch, her or she gains an additional blood.’
    • ‘Okay, now that Julius is Anarch, what use is he?’
    • ‘Actually, there are far, far more filthy anarchy-ist ideologues than there are anarch pragmatists.’


Mid 17th century from Greek anarkhos ‘without a chief’ (see anarchy).