Definition of anastigmat in English:



  • An anastigmatic lens system.

    ‘As such, the anastigmat offers an attractive compromise between astigmatism and field curvature.’
    • ‘Many advanced techniques of practical lens design will be illustrate with easy-to-understand examples drawn from the design of anastigmats and telescope objectives.’
    • ‘Recently KiwiStar Optics extended a method developed to provide a complete survey of all possible reflecting anastigmats which have the simplest possible geometry.’
    • ‘A new analytical method of designing two-aspherical-mirror anastigmats was developed and applied to searching solution groups of soft X-ray microscopes of a large misalignment tolerance.’
    • ‘For example, we have had experience with system testing on three-mirror anastigmats and other multi-mirror systems using interferometric results as feedback for improving the performance.’



/ˌanəˈstiɡmat/ /ˌænəˈstɪɡmæt/