Definition of anchoress in English:



  • A female anchorite.

    ‘As a priest performed the ceremonies of the burial office, Julian took up residence as an anchoress in a small apartment attached to the church.’
    • ‘The author opens her new introduction to this edition with an intriguing question: ‘What does it mean to be an anchoress in postmodernity?’’
    • ‘Two children dealing with their mother's disappearance (and father's attempts to remarry) encounter an anchoress who reveals the truth of their family's past.’
    • ‘Among these was Margaret Kirkeby who became an anchoress in his neighbourhood and to whom a number of his major English works (notably The Forme of Perfect Living) are addressed.’
    • ‘What is it about a fourteenth-century English anchoress that could be so appealing to people living at the beginning of the second millennium?’
    abstainer, recluse, hermit, solitary, anchorite, anchoress, desert saint, celibate, puritan, nun, monk



/ˈaNGk(ə)rəs/ /ˈæŋk(ə)rəs/