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nounplural noun anchormen

  • 1A person who presents and coordinates a live television or radio program involving other contributors.

    ‘Also nominated as best presenter is BBC News anchorman Huw Edwards, who will be hosting the Bafta Cymru Award ceremony on 26 April, and who hopes to repeat his success of last year, when he took that title.’
    • ‘Television coverage will be hosted by BBC News anchorman Huw Edwards with expert comment and analysis from American soprano Barbara Bonney.’
    • ‘They have pinned their hopes on Fresno television news anchorman Rich Rodriguez, a popular personality in the Central Valley area.’
    • ‘At the age of 21, Eamonn became the youngest ever anchorman in regional television, hosting the hour-long early evening programme Good Evening Ulster.’
    • ‘A former television anchorman, Baca is now mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico.’
    • ‘He was also a downhill skiing instructor on the staff of the Mammoth Mountain Ski School in California and served as news director and anchorman for KMMT-FM radio station.’
    • ‘As a young newshound Bruce's main opposition when chasing stories up and down the south would be one Fred Dinenage, now anchorman for Meridian television's news bulletins.’
    • ‘The anchorman of the news program was on the screen now, with a small but rude remark which mad his female co-anchor giggle in a bubbly manner.’
    • ‘Here, rather than being the reliable but overlooked anchorman in the quartet of Hobbits, Dominic plays Charlie, the reliable but overlooked bassist for a fictional band, Driveshaft.’
    • ‘CBS News and anchorman Dan Rather have entered the journalistic equivalent of one of Dante's circles of Hell, forced to live forever with a scandal they created.’
    • ‘Aftershock was dreamed up in a novel by local-news anchorman Chuck Scarborough.’
    • ‘The most startling bit to come out of Dan Rather's retirement as CBS anchorman was a New York Times report that the average age of American network news viewers is now 60.’
    • ‘Forty years after 26-year-old Peter Jennings was first hired as ABC's lead anchorman, the average age of ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX network news viewers is 60.’
    • ‘And then he would be interviewed by BBC Five Live's Cheltenham anchorman John Inverdale, whether he liked it or not, before taking his place on the same patch of Gloucestershire lawn where he always watches the big race.’
    • ‘‘Before I gave up any documents I wanted to know what you were going to do with them,’ Burkett told CBS anchorman Dan Rather.’
    • ‘The column is one of the last by the former CBS anchorman, known as the most trusted man in America.’
    • ‘You see, Williams will be the first anchorman of a network news program who does not have gritty reporting experience (covering the Clinton White House doesn't muster the same respect as dodging bullets or bombs).’
    • ‘In the pilot, Pearce McKenzie, Lateline's egotistical anchorman (is there any other sort of anchorman in a sitcom?) pretends to retire so he can extort more money out of the network.’
    • ‘The production makes use of television sets and a Fox news anchorman to transmit the brief plot summaries that Brecht included at the beginning of each scene.’
    announcer, anchorman, anchorwoman, newscaster, broadcaster, reporter
    1. 1.1The central or most dependable contributor to something.
      ‘In February of 2001, Benshoof glided to his first career Senior International medal as the anchorman in a bronze medal performance by Team USA at the 35th Luge World Championships.’
      • ‘Tomorrow England could play half as well and win and the outcome may depend on which team's anchorman, Nicky Butt or Gilberto Silva, drags his chain less.’
      • ‘I didn't even know what was going on, even after I finished my third game as the team's anchorman.’
    2. 1.2The member of a relay team who runs the last leg.
      ‘Weber, the anchorman of this immortal team, was the essence of unmuscled execution.’
      • ‘The anchorman on Coach McDonnell's team was South African, Alistair Cragg, who holds dual Irish citizenship and ran for Ireland in the World Cross-country Championships in Croatia last December.’
      • ‘As for complaining about aches and pains, ‘She doesn't do it more than anyone else,’ says Sam Norwood, anchorman on Talley's team.’
      • ‘America's 4x100m team clinched world championship gold after anchorman JJ Johnson pipped Britain's Dwain Chambers on the line.’



/ˈaNGkərˌman/ /ˈæŋkərˌmæn/