Definition of anchusa in English:


Pronunciation /əŋˈkjuːzə/ /anˈtʃuːzə/


  • An Old World plant of the borage family, which is widely cultivated for its bright, typically blue, flowers.

    Genus Anchusa, family Boraginaceae

    • ‘South African relatives of viper's bugloss, anchusas bring much needed blue color to summer borders.’
    • ‘These consist of pieces of root about 5cm in length taken from plants with fleshy roots, such as anchusas, oriental poppies, gypsophilas, verbascums, romneyas, seakale and horse-radish.’
    • ‘Thus there are certain plants, by no means without ornamental value - moon and ox-eye daisies, anchusas, Japanese anemones, even Michaelmas daisies - which are apt to become a nuisance.’
    • ‘I like these for the bees, but for a strong, true blue, consider one of the anchusas.’
    • ‘Anyone who's ever killed single-bloodroot seedlings by prying them out of a gravel driveway or murdered baby anchusas by hooking them out of cracks in concrete will understand why there's much to be said for an organized approach to seed-saving.’


Via Latin from Greek ankhousa.



/əŋˈkjuːzə/ /anˈtʃuːzə/