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ancient history

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  • 1The history of the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean area and the Near East up to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in AD 476.

    ‘One Nation Underground revisits a fast-receding era of U.S. history that seems like ancient history to today's undergraduates.’
    • ‘So I went to the uni and I did medieval history and renaissance history and ancient history.’
    • ‘An archaeological museum in a cathedral annex on the west coast of Italy pays tribute to the rich and ancient history of the area.’
    • ‘It is really remarkable that a United States Senator can have such a shaky grasp of history - not ancient history, but events of the last few years.’
    • ‘At present, this record of ancient history is slowly falling prey to vandalism, theft, tourism and ignorance.’
    • ‘Regulars at Whiskey Bar know I'm fascinated by history, ancient history in particular.’
    • ‘The study group was divided into three subgroups - one on ancient history, another on medieval history and the third on modern and contemporary history.’
    • ‘Since 1896, the year the Olympics were resurrected from ancient history, the Olympics have been a symbol of the camaraderie and harmony possible on a global scale.’
    • ‘In May 1948 he was appointed to the 300-year-old Camden Chair as professor of ancient history at Brasenose College, Oxford.’
    • ‘The cheering thing about this revised picture of ancient history is of course that, so far as it is correct, many of the mass slaughters that we read about in the Bible and elsewhere may also never have happened.’
    • ‘An apology, they argue, would revive ancient history - and misplace blame in the process.’
    • ‘Our route to the ancient history of the continent is troubled by the history of the last five hundred years.’
    • ‘Medieval and Renaissance history get some attention, but ancient history gets relatively short shrift.’
    • ‘‘The latest finds are another example of the ancient history of the area coming to life and give us an even clearer picture of activity in the village,’ he said.’
    • ‘Murri community leader Sam Watson spoke of the ancient history of the Brisbane area as a meeting place for Murris, and the more recent anti-racist struggles.’
    • ‘Giambattista Vico, after completing an exhaustive study of ancient history, concluded in 1725 that marriage between a man and a woman is an essential characteristic of civilisation.’
    • ‘They must also possess deep political prudence, founded on an appreciation of ancient history as well as modern affairs.’
    • ‘Who started the trend of interpreting ancient history and literature from an Afro-centric perspective and why did it start?’
    • ‘More than 30 classics courses, usually consisting of Latin, ancient Greek and ancient history, are offered by universities around the UK.’
    • ‘Mullen's targets are drawn from every imaginable source - from ancient history to modern marketing.’
    over, at an end, finished, ended, concluded, terminated, no more, extinct, dead, run, gone, dead and gone, dead and buried, forgotten, over and done with, a thing of the past, in the past, ancient history
    1. 1.1 informal Something that is already long familiar and no longer new, interesting, or relevant.
      • ‘the New Wave is ancient history now’
      • ‘The answer to such contradictory share movements is that institutional investors consider the full-year results of any company to be ancient history as they already have a fair idea of what to expect before they are announced.’
      • ‘I haven't paid very much attention to the deep throat revelations, because to me this is all ancient history - interesting, you know, but not important.’
      • ‘The deal is done: it is already ancient history.’
      • ‘Sometimes, I wonder if that idea's already ancient history.’
      • ‘Nine years after Watergate, and it was already ancient history.’
      extinguished, quenched, quashed, quelled, suppressed, smothered, stifled


ancient history

/ˌān(t)SH(ə)nt ˈhist(ə)rē/ /ˌeɪn(t)ʃ(ə)nt ˈhɪst(ə)ri/