Definition of and company in English:

and company


  • 1Used after a person's name to denote those people usually associated with them.

    ‘the psycholinguistics of Jacques Lacan and company’
    • ‘Baugh, Bravo, Mohammed and company may not be household names, but they have dragged West Indies back into this match and series.’
    • ‘Created and performed by Marjorie Campbell, Michael Healey, Kristen Thomson and company.’
    • ‘Look for more than just Shakespeare from Richard Kenyon and company.’
    • ‘Jean is obviously new to Tyee exposure, and has only been a victim of a gross lack of objectivity from under the rule of Asper and company.’
    • ‘A great night of entertainment is promised by Pat Kearns and company.’
    • ‘Having already established themselves as the biggest rock band in the world, it now seems that not even miracles are beyond Bono and company.’
    • ‘A well-drilled draw will do, and Bayern possess the rearguard for that, even if Raul and company are attempting to pierce it.’
    • ‘Taking that a step further, Cam Hayden and company also dig a bit deeper every year to find an act that many of us have not been exposed to on any level.’
    • ‘We hope the cooking lessons can be resumed for Wouter and company!’
    • ‘The conference wrapped up last Friday evening, just in time for Mary and company to head down to Pigeon Island side lawn.’
    1. 1.1Used in the name of a business to denote other unspecified partners.
      • ‘Little, Brown and Company’