Definition of and stuff in English:

and stuff


  • Said in vague reference to additional things of a similar nature to those specified.

    • ‘all that running and swimming and stuff’
    • ‘The fact is that lots of people just don't bother with car tax and stuff hereabouts, Mr Collinson.’
    • ‘There's loads of police now, and when I went out there were ambulances and stuff.’
    • ‘I collected my bag, blazer and stuff, and walked straight out of the room without him saying a word.’
    • ‘Without having to spend tons on sets and stuff; just spend the money on animation and voices.’
    • ‘Jessica will be cheaper, leaving more money to spend on invisible cars and space lasers and stuff.’
    • ‘I wonder if they give you a trolley and you just head up and down the aisle buying toys and stuff.’
    • ‘I just had a table in my room and I used to buy lots of books at jumble sales and cut them up, and do drawings and stuff.’
    • ‘We may not be very good at reading and stuff, but we sure know good litter box liner when we see it.’
    • ‘Suffice it to say, I was a bit hasty in offering my opinion on threads concerning God and stuff.’
    • ‘What's that you're saying about science and moon cycles and the solar system and stuff?’