Definition of androcracy in English:


nounplural noun androcracies

  • A social system ruled or dominated by men.

    ‘Status and privilege (such as polygyny, androcracy, preferential access to food and luxuries) of the religious elite and their ability to maintain power, were based to some extent on deception.’
    • ‘We considered terms for these and Lloyd came up with the gynarchy and the androcracy, respectively.’
    • ‘This transition will not be easy as the forces of the androcracy are, and will continue, fighting back.’
    • ‘Although the androcracy defends its control to the death, it is a regime that we as a human race cannot survive.’
    • ‘Pervading social relations between men and women, androcracy constitutes the foundation of gender inequality.’
    • ‘She likes Toy Story and Ice Age: I think they're visually stunning films that champion androcracy and the triviality of women.’
    • ‘For example, at ‘governmental forms’ Garner provides a list of 21 types of governments, from androcracy to theocracy.’
    • ‘Despite the Greek Republic being described as a democracy and idealised, it was an androcracy.’
    • ‘And at the end of the book she envisions a return to that purity, either through the destruction of humanity by androcracy, or a revival of gylany.’
    • ‘Although female equality has made great progressions within the last century, Western society is still an androcracy, where men remain the dominators, the First Sex.’
    • ‘Nowhere is the androcracy of boys’ toys more evident than in ‘Toy Story 2,’ where just two out of Andy's 16 toys (not including his 200 toy soldiers) are female.’



/anˈdräkrəsē/ /ænˈdrɑkrəsi/