Definition of androgynously in English:



See androgynous

‘He stands 6'5" and is androgynously thin.’
  • ‘Universally dark-haired, skinny and androgynously pretty, The Organ look at first sight like a female Strokes.’
  • ‘She appears onstage with short hair, dressed androgynously in pants and a loose shirt.’
  • ‘One of the first and most significant experiences Genesis ever had was felt as a child of the early '60s, when he first witnessed a group of androgynously dressed mods traipsing through Manchester's Piccadilly Station.’
  • ‘Kibbutz parents agreed to see their own children only two hours a day, and for the remaining 22 hours to surrender them to the collective, which would raise them androgynously (trying more to "masculinize" women than "feminize" men).’