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  • A collection of symptoms, including fatigue and a decrease in libido, experienced by some middle-aged or older men and attributed to a gradual decline in testosterone levels.

    ‘Are older people likely to demand cures for wrinkles, baldness, yellow teeth, and relief from symptoms of the menopause and andropause?’
    • ‘There's scant evidence that so-called andropause - low testosterone in aging men - causes depression, says Columbia University psychiatrist Stuart Seidman.’
    • ‘Over half a century later the medical community has not come to a consensus on whether the symptoms of andropause are truly a manifestation of testosterone deficiency.’
    • ‘At the moment, medical opinion is divided over whether or not the ‘male menopause’, known as the andropause, exists.’
    • ‘Men get osteoporosis, too, and are even more susceptible if they abuse alcohol, take steroids or are past andropause - the age when testosterone levels decline.’
    • ‘We offer natural supplements for thyroid support, menopause, andropause, peri-menopause, bone health, enhancing libido, and more.’
    • ‘We found that depression is very intimately linked with the andropause.’
    • ‘As they age, men experience andropause or ADAM - androgen decline in the aging male, a gradual decline in the production of testosterone; this may begin as early as age 40.’
    • ‘And whenever this bump comes along, when they go through menopause or andropause, that's enough to initiate the process of Alzheimer's disease.’
    • ‘Sometimes called andropause, the loss of testosterone can cause memory loss, depression, and decreased sex drive, and it usually affects men age 50 or older.’
    • ‘His studies have focused on the relationships between hormone levels, age and health problems, with evidence pointing to the existence of a ‘male menopause’ - otherwise known as andropause.’
    • ‘However, since its existence was first mooted more than 50 years ago, the condition - also known as andropause - has been the subject of bitter divisions within the medical profession.’
    • ‘At an advanced age, men can also face andropause, or a cessation of sexual functioning.’
    • ‘Some call this stage andropause, Kamhi says, which can slow sexual response time.’



/ˈandrəˌpôz/ /ˈændrəˌpɔz/


1950s from andro-, on the pattern of menopause.