Definition of anemometric in English:


Pronunciation /-məˈmetrik/


See anemometer

‘We invite you to learn about what is probably the best anemometric indicator for cranes on the market.’
  • ‘ESDU 83029 gives a comprehensive and systematic procedure for the correction of sensed anemometric data.’
  • ‘For this purpose, the company implemented two anemometric stations in Northern Minas Gerais in 1997, where two potentially promising sites were identified.’
  • ‘The anemometric campaigns and plant design activities are performed by paying the utmost attention to the need to minimise and mitigate environmental impacts.’
  • ‘An anemometric flow sensor, developed at the EPFL (Prof. Renaud) is packaged for long-term implantation in the human body for a shunt catheter for the hydrocephalus.’