Definition of anesthesiology in English:



(British anaesthesiology)
  • The branch of medicine concerned with anesthesia and anesthetics.

    ‘One study examined the effects of music use in various medical specialties, including anesthesiology, surgery, orthopedics, dentistry, and obstetrics.’
    • ‘We presented the flow chart to nurses and physicians in orthopaedics, anaesthesiology, and intensive care during small group teaching sessions of about 15 minutes' duration.’
    • ‘Each of these entails invasiveness, risks, and limitations on usefulness, as well as such medical expertise as anesthesiology, surgery, radiology, dietary, and general nursing.’
    • ‘Interest in certain medical specialties - including anesthesiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and diagnostic radiology - appears to be on the rise, with more matches in each specialty.’
    • ‘Many had more than one certification in a medical specialty, the most common being intensive care medicine and anaesthesiology.’
    • ‘The medical house staff consisted of residents from anesthesiology, medicine, and surgery training programs on 1-to 3-month rotations.’
    • ‘At Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, five medical directors from anesthesiology and critical care, pediatrics, medicine and hematology, gynecology and obstetrics, and surgery were appointed.’
    • ‘Experts in anaesthesiology, pathology, gynaecology and radiology are particularly in demand.’
    • ‘The team is a complex system comprising representatives from nursing, surgery, and anesthesiology - all disciplines with different health care models.’
    • ‘These should really be viewed differently, as anesthesiology, surgery, internal medicine, and pulmonary medicine are all partial subspecialties of critical care!’
    • ‘Because of the enormous educational value of this conference, we frequently have medical students and medical residents from anesthesiology, hematology, and pediatrics in attendance.’
    • ‘He created joint chairs for both anaesthesiology and intensive care at all Soviet medical schools.’
    • ‘Clinicians working in anaesthesiology tend to be risk averse and interested in patient safety because anaesthesia can be dangerous but has no therapeutic benefit of its own.’
    • ‘This comparison has shown anesthesiology and emergency medicine to be the highest-risk specialties.’
    • ‘He also obtained a doctorate in anatomy and completed a residency and a research fellowship in anesthesiology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.’
    • ‘They covered a range of illnesses and treatments from respiratory infections to surgery to anaesthesiology.’
    • ‘However, there are significant important differences (other than spelling) between anaesthesia in the United Kingdom and anaesthesiology in the United States.’
    • ‘The NP uses perioperative laboratory guidelines developed by the department of anesthesiology.’
    • ‘Most were related to anesthesiology or surgical techniques or to the endocrine responses to changes induced by body posture.’
    • ‘Additional factors uniquely important to medical products developers are addressed in other standards for some specific applications, such as equipment for anesthesiology.’



/ˌanəsˌTHēzēˈäləjē/ /ˌænəsˌθiziˈɑlədʒi/