Definition of aneuploid in English:



  • Having an abnormal number of chromosomes in a haploid set.

    • ‘Fig 5 shows euploid and aneuploid colonies formed after the shift-down experiment.’
    • ‘First, of the population of tetraploid cells that enter stationary phase, both euploid and aneuploid members can be rescued by starvation in water.’
    • ‘When colonies are formed, the resulting cells tend to have euploid genomes derived from the aneuploid state by chromosome loss.’
    • ‘Almost 50% of spontaneous abortions are aneuploid or polyploid and the incidence of numerical aberrations in live-born young is ~ 5/1000 births.’
    • ‘The percentages of aneuploid bone marrow leukocytes were higher than those of aneuploid sperm for the two upper THH dose groups and for the positive control group.’