Definition of aneuploid in English:



  • Having an abnormal number of chromosomes in a haploid set.

    ‘DNA ploidy analysis on Feulgenstained sections indicated that the large cell region was composed of predominantly tetraploid and aneuploid cells.’
    • ‘Ploidy analysis shows that the keratinocytes in the large cell acanthoma are frequently aneuploid.’
    • ‘All women are also offered an ultrasound scan for anomalies at 19 weeks' gestation, and invasive testing is offered in selected cases where structural anomalies are seen that suggest the fetus is aneuploid.’
    • ‘Patients with aneuploid tumors have a poorer five-year survival rate than patients with diploid tumors.’
    • ‘Ten of 18 diploid neoplasms were associated with an adverse event, and 2 of 9 aneuploid neoplasms were associated with an adverse event.’



/ˈanyəˌploid/ /ˈænjəˌplɔɪd/