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angel shark

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  • A large, active bottom-dwelling cartilaginous fish with broad winglike pectoral fins.

    Family Squatinidae and genus Squatina: several species, in particular the Atlantic angel shark (S. dumerili)

    ‘Miller and Turner speculate the shark may have resembled an angel shark, a ray-like bottom-dweller found in most temperate and tropical oceans.’
    • ‘I hoped to encounter a much bigger creature, and after ascending 20m back up the cliff face through schools of pink and orange Atlantic damselfish, our guide signalled that he had indeed found a large angel shark buried in the sand below.’
    • ‘The action is an attempt to reverse the alarming declines over the past decade of previously plentiful species including red snapper, angel sharks and abalone.’
    • ‘Anglers are wrongly referred to as monkfish by fishmongers, though monkfish are in fact angel sharks.’
    • ‘Then, like the lightning fast angel sharks of today, they would spring forth and grab their prey.’


angel shark

/ˈānjəl SHärk/ /ˈeɪndʒəl ʃɑrk/