Definition of angelica tree in English:

angelica tree


  • another term for devil's walking stick (see Hercules-club)

    ‘They span the range of treedom, from maples of centurial stature, dripping with mosses and ferns, to the slender, shrub-like angelica trees luxuriating in the understory.’
    • ‘The Chinese angelica tree, Aralia chinensis L. (Aralia sinensis Hort.), is native to China.’
    • ‘We'll meet Head Gardener, Rob Ballard and walk along paths that give a succession of views and narrow bridges and causeways edged with Gunneras, swamp cypresses, royal ferns and Japanese angelica trees.’


angelica tree

/anˈjelikə/ /ænˈdʒɛlɪkə/ /anˈjeləkə trē/ /ænˈdʒɛləkə tri/