Definition of angiostatin in English:



  • A drug used to inhibit the growth of new blood vessels in malignant tumors.

    ‘Unfortunately all tumors, no matter what their size, secrete angiostatin, which promotes tumor growth - particularly the growth of new blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to the tumor.’
    • ‘So the radiation, in combination with angiostatin, enhanced the drug's ability to block the growth of new tumor-supplying blood vessels.’
    • ‘Two decades later his lab discovered two compounds, endostatin and angiostatin, that shrank tumors in mice.’
    • ‘So Entremed is finally giving up on its celebrated peptide drug candidates, angiostatin and endostatin.’
    • ‘Endostatin and angiostatin are natural inhibitors of angiogenesis that have been shown to inhibit the growth of a number of human malignancies.’



/ˌanjēōˈstatn/ /ˌændʒioʊˈstætn/