Definition of angle of reflection in English:

angle of reflection


  • The angle made by a reflected ray with a perpendicular to the reflecting surface.

    ‘When light energy strikes a shiny surface, the energy is reflected at a direct angle (ie, the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection).’
    • ‘But the precise color also depends on the angle at which the wing is viewed, since the wavelength of the constructively interfering rays varies with the angle of reflection.’
    • ‘Light shelves can be used for geometry lessons, allowing students to measure the angle of reflection of sunlight as it enters the building.’
    • ‘For example, two lines drawn from the viewpoint and from the further edge of the table to meet the image in the mirror of that same edge must make equal angles of reflection with the mirror's surface.’
    • ‘Note that a transmission geometry (angle of reflection = 180°) offers the greatest efficiency of collection, but such measurements are compromised by background transmitted light.’


angle of reflection

/ˈaNGɡəl əv/ /ˈæŋɡəl əv/ /ə rəˈflekSHən/ /ə rəˈflɛkʃən/ /rēˈflekSHən/ /riˈflɛkʃən/