Definition of anglerfish in English:


nounplural noun anglerfish, plural noun anglerfishes

  • A fish that lures prey with a fleshy lobe attached to a filament that arises from the snout and hangs in front of the mouth. Most anglerfishes have a very large head and wide mouth, with a small body and tail.

    Order Lophiiformes: several families. Some rest motionless on the seabed, in particular those of the family Lophiidae; many others are deep-sea fish

    ‘At Bangka we found abundant pygmy seahorses, cuttlefish, sponges hiding huge frogfish, and a painted anglerfish slowly flicking her lure in hopes of attracting an unwary meal.’
    • ‘The prey, often of almost equal size to the anglerfish, fit neatly into the anglerfish's expandable stomachs, Drazen said.’
    • ‘The North Sea is not the greatest place for fish but on any dive you are likely to see pollack, coalfish, ballan wrasse, anglerfish, topknots and ling.’
    • ‘An anglerfish depends on its prey being fooled by its camouflage and by the fleshy lure into which the first ray of its dorsal fin has been modified.’
    • ‘A U.S. scientist says this male anglerfish found in the Philippines is the smallest fish in the world.’



/ˈaNGɡlərˌfiSH/ /ˈæŋɡlərˌfɪʃ/