Definition of Anglican chant in English:

Anglican chant


  • A method of singing unmetrical psalms and canticles to short harmonized melodies, the first note being extended to accommodate as many syllables as necessary.

    ‘In some churches Anglican chant has been superseded by responsorial psalms or ‘Gelineau’ chanting with refrains or antiphons.’
    • ‘The final phrase, ‘Such the tenor man told When he had grown old’, distances the old tale, being sung unaccompanied in the style of Anglican chant which seems, as part of Hardy's anciently rural world, to have been with us ‘since Time was’.’
    • ‘The metre of the Psalms themselves are very beautiful to sing, particularly if you're singing it in Anglican chant.’
    • ‘From an emphasis on rhythm in some places to the development of Arabic influenced music (Morocco, for example) to Anglican chant in others the array is fascinating.’
    • ‘Coming after several generations that had known the Gloria in Excelsis, for example, only as a form of harmonized Anglican chant, this through-composed concept was something not yet common in the Lutheran experience.’


Anglican chant

/ˈaNGɡləkən CHant/ /ˈæŋɡləkən tʃænt/