Definition of Anglomania in English:



  • Excessive admiration of English customs.

    ‘However, Anglomania prevalent at the time also made Newton's acceptance in France easier.’
    • ‘Numerous conflicts, from the 14c Hundred Years War to the 18-19c colonial and revolutionary wars, did not prevent a mutual social and intellectual interest, accounting for Gallomania in Britain and Anglomania in France.’
    • ‘The Romantic movement and the growth of a native Russian theatre mark a high period of Anglomania and the zenith of Shakespeare's popularity in tragedy.’
    • ‘Some of the gloss was taken from the image of Great Britain when her colonies rebelled, and Anglomania was partially eclipsed by enthusiasm for all things American.’
    • ‘In the mid-eighteenth century a long period of Anglomania began in Russia.’
    • ‘But it really came into fashion when Anglomania was at its height around the turn of the century.’
    • ‘It was furthered too by the Anglomania of St Petersburg's social elite.’



/ˌaNGɡlōˈmānēə/ /ˌæŋɡloʊˈmeɪniə/