Definition of anguilliform in English:



  • 1rare Shaped like or resembling an eel.

    ‘a suitably anguilliform entrance’
    • ‘The catfish family Clariidae comprises species in which the body shape ranges from fusiform to anguilliform.’
    • ‘Axial movements in tadpoles are regulated by a diverse array of muscle activity in a manner similar to anguilliform fishes.’
    • ‘The need to generate forward propulsion will rely on similar sequences of contractions of the myotomal muscles, as is the case for anguilliform swimming in other aquatic animals such as fish and lampreys.’
    • ‘The pipe was used by C.A.D.S. (in the water) to move the predator in a side-to-side manner to mimic the anguilliform movement of a swimming shark.’
    • ‘We developed a multilink bending mechanism imitating anguilliform propulsion of organisms in water.’
    • ‘When transport economy is considered, defined as velocity achieved per unit power, anguilliform and thunniform swimmers achieve greater values.’
    • ‘The rice field eel has an anguilliform body with a large mouth and small eyes and no pectoral and pelvic fins.’
    • ‘The behavior is presumably similar to the anguilliform swimming of eels and elongate salamanders.’
    • ‘Eels have a unique method of swimming, called anguilliform, in which they flex their whole body into lateral waves.’
    1. 1.1Zoology Relating to a large order of fishes (Anguilliformes ) that comprises the eels.
      • ‘These cytogenetic traits are mainly consistent with those recorded for anguilliform species in general.’
      • ‘In several anguilliform species, the adductor mandibulae complex is extremely well developed, thereby bulging from the sides of the skull.’
      • ‘The common Japanese conger is an anguilliform species that migrates for spawning.’


Late 17th century from Latin anguilla ‘eel’ + -form.